Are your messages compelling?

You want your organization’s key messages to clearly explain who you are. Simple, right?

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In fact, we know that the hardest story to tell is often our own. We tell the story from our internal perspective, but the key to unlocking an effective message is to think like the people hearing our message.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

-Who are your audiences? There is almost always more than one. Go beyond “the general public.” The more precise, the better.

-Why should your audience care about your organization? Answer why they should be interested in having a relationship with you specifically. Think of the benefits to them.

-Are your messages concise, simple (no jargon), memorable, and informal enough so that your audience could repeat them? Test your messages on others outside your organization to make sure the answer is “yes.”


Need help? Contact Jennifer Hellman to learn more about how we can help you transform your organization’s story into messages that will resonate with the people who matter most to you.



A vision for St. Paul’s riverfront

The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners authorized staff to enter into negotiations with Phoenix-based Cardon Development Group to redevelop Riverfront Properties, the nearly five-acre site built into the river bluff along Kellogg Boulevard in Saint Paul.

The proposed high-density development incorporates a mix of uses that will build on the existing energy of downtown Saint Paul. Specifically, plans call for residential housing, a four-star hotel, offices, and street-level retail along Kellogg Boulevard. Construction is anticipated to occur from 2018-2021.

To learn more about the proposed development, read this Finance & Commerce article.

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