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Is there value in seeking awards?

Nominate! When that word appears in your inbox, do you wonder if you should seek the various industry, business and media awards that are available to your organization and leaders? What is the value?

You are right to question what benefit – besides a shiny object for the shelf – an award will bring. In order to be worth the effort of nominating, the award must accomplish a communications or other goal to which you already aspire. Perhaps you want to promote public awareness of a program, recruit potential employees, or become known as a leading expert. Seeking specific awards can help you reach those goals, especially when you communicate strategically about the awards you receive.

Although no one knows your story better than you do, having the outside perspective of Goff Public has helped numerous organizations and individuals shape that story into a winning nomination. Contact Jennifer Hellman to learn more about how we can help your organization identify the highest-value award opportunities and earn the recognition it deserves.

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